Food processing plant & equipment cleaning services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common answers to your questions


We are proud to be called Get Cleaned, with over 20 years experience in serving the needs of people just like you. You will feel confident in knowing that we are a family based WA business and we are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI);

All cleaners are Police cleared before undergoing a rigorous selection process. Those who qualify for selection are then trained and tested before graduating to Get Cleaned status.

When it comes to insurance - we have got you covered! With Fifty million dollars in public liability insurance and comprehensive cover with workers’ compensation, your assured of maximum protection against risk.

Every clean is unconditionally guaranteed. You will always remain the sole judge of our service quality. If you are not completely satisfied with any single clean, simply ask for it to be re-done immediately at no cost.

Unlike most other cleaning companies, with Get Cleaned, your premises will always be cleaned/supervised by a business owner - someone whose livelihood depends on your continued satisfaction - someone you can build a long term relationship with and someone you can trust

General Questions

What type of products do you use?

We choose to use only the best environment products that are classified as readily biodegradable from Chemform right here in Western Australia. All packaging used in the CHEMFORM GREEN range is recyclable and can be returned to Chemform for processing as well.