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March 16, 2014   -   Posted by George Garrett   -   in News   -   Comments Off on The Window Between You and Your World

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, philosopher, and visionary with an incisive sense of humour, and a sharp eye for truth. He remarked, “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world”. Astute Australian businesses know their premises are their portal too, and that their appearance can make or break a deal.

Get Cleaned’s impeccable cleaning services help businesses from Sydney to Perth – and everywhere else in Australia – make their premises sparkle, whether these are open office layouts, industrial workshops, commercial premises, or bespoke offices. We cut out teeth as house cleaners, window cleaners and carpet cleaners in all these cities. We continue to provide domestic services as part of our core business.

Psychologists speak of the halo effect. They define this as ‘a cognitive bias in which one’s judgment of a situation can be influenced by one’s overall impression of it’. A cracked dinner plate can affect memories of an evening dining out – just as greasy footprints on a carpet can mar your assessment of an impeccable car service.

Our mission is to help you avoid these awkward embarrassments. In the office, they include your customer visiting the toilet and discovering no paper, or finding their elbow sticking to a coffee stain on your conference table. Replacing toilet rolls and wiping boardroom tables is not part of your management task. This is Get Cleaned’s core business, and we do it in style.

Get Cleaned is your cleaning friend. We tidy up after any event, be this is a daily sparkle or an end of lease contract, and we are going to be doing this for a long time to come. George Bernard Shaw wrote to Winston Churchill saying, “I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend if you have one”.

The great man responded, “Cannot possibly respond tonight … will attend second; if you have one”. We are not sure what the event was. However we assure you that we will attend to your cleaning needs punctually, time after time – or our next visit is free, and that is a promise.

Please call us on 0403306635 or through our form. Take cleaning hassles off your mind with Get Cleaned forever more.

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