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February 6, 2014   -   Posted by George Garrett   -   in News   -   Comments Off on Sticking to Our Knitting

The origins of ‘stick to your knitting’ are lost in time, although there are traces of the phrase in 14th century English literature. We do not hold with the theory that the expression is chauvinistic. Instead, we prefer to interpret it as implying ‘stay with what works for you, and do not be distracted’.


Office cleaning is as good an example as we can think of. On first impression, you might think of hiring a cleaning person – or two or three – and have them follow a cyclical program during business hours. The downside is the distraction caused: the ‘tea lady’ is always a welcome intrusion … and people love to chat.


Chances are that at least one other employee is distracted too, and they could cost a whole deal more. Add those costs, and the expense of bringing in Get Cleaned in quiet times really makes more sense. Besides, why would you want to get bogged down with scheduling cleaning jobs, buying chemicals and worrying about industrial safety, when you could be chasing money which is why you are in business.


Get Cleaned exists in order to relieve you of the job of beating back the dust and wiping away the coffee stains. Cleaning is our knitting and we stick to it through thick and thin. That phrase belongs to 10th century England, when the lush forests were coming down to build a mighty fleet of sailing ships. In those days, a soldier literally had to stick with a colleague ‘through thick and thin’ regardless of the vegetation. Get Cleaned will do the same; we will never let you down!


That brings us to another potential marketing opportunity. Get Cleaned exists to keep your business premises neat and tidy, so you never need to feel embarrassed when a customer arrives. Please do not ask us to do the same for your penthouse, country mansion, deep-sea yacht or bachelor pad though. Commercial cleaning is our knitting, and we do it exceptionally well.


Sticking to our knitting does not mean we do not also sew on the odd button. We have a network of genuinely handy people, electrical contractors that are bright sparks and cool air conditioning experts to mention but a few. Why struggle to convince these service providers to quote and turn up to do the job, when Get Cleaned can arrange everything for you, while you get on with your day.

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