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Recruitment and Selection Policies - We only hire the best

Our Recruitment and Selection Policies and Procedures

At Get Cleaned, people are the most valuable resource. Effective recruitment and selection policies and procedures are considered to be critical in contributing to the successful achievement of effective cleaning procedures and results. We are committed to employing high quality staff whose skills and abilities can contribute to the success of Get Cleaned, as well as providing a working environment that ensures all employees develop and are comfortable.

  • The following guidelines are considered during the recruitment/selection process:All selection processes shall be directed towards and based upon a proper assessment of merit. The appointment of employees will be made on the basis of the individual capacity of the person having particular regard to the knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and potential for future development of that person in their employment.
  • There shall be NO unlawful discrimination against employees or persons in any workplace relations or selections on the grounds of sex, sexuality, marital status, pregnancy, race, physical or intellectual impairment, age or any other ground.Quality Staff
  • Employees shall be afforded equal opportunities to secure promotion and advancement in their employment. Any member of staff may apply for an advertised position, and will be considered for appointment in the light of qualifications and experience, according to the merit based selection procedures.

Recruitment is an important process.  Get Cleaned supports the following procedures:

  • All applications will be short-listed according to the essential criteria and then against the desirable criteria
  • All applicants will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner
  • Short listed candidates may be invited for an interview and a variety of testing (The type and extent of testing will vary dependent on the position)
  • The decision on which candidate to appoint will be based on merit
  • A resume must be completed with a least one referee. The referee must be able to provide an objective assessment of the candidates previous work experiences. The referee mustn’t be a relative or a friend.
  • All employees have a responsibility in the implementation of this policy.

This signed statement of Policy confirms our commitment to making Get Cleaned workplaces safe, fair and healthy for all.

Roles and Responsibilities Policy

Employees must comply with the standards outlined below:

  • Ensure any risks identified from workplace hazards are considered and addressed by reporting certain incidents/handling them in an appropriate manner
  • Ensure safety measures are implemented and maintained to reduce the risk of workplace hazards
  • Ensuring that any task beyond the capabilities of an individual mustn’t be performed if it will proceed to inhabit the health or potentially injure that individual
  • Employees must adopt adequate measures to deal with fire, first aid, spillages, power failures and other emergencies
  • Take care while at work for their own health and safety and for that of people who may be affected by their acts or omissions
    Ensuring that the respect of all buildings, plants, furniture, animals and equipment is maintained

All persons must not:

  1. Interfere with or misuse things provided for the health, safety or welfare of persons at work;
  2. Obstruct attempts to give aid or attempts to prevent a serious risk to the health and safety of a person at work;
  3. Refuse a reasonable request to assist in giving aid or preventing a risk to health and safety;
  4. Disrupt a workplace by creating health or safety fears.

Suitable and effective measures are in place to enforce safety, prevent injury and maintain the overall well being of individuals whilst performing work related duties.


George Garret

Managing Director

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