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February 6, 2014   -   Posted by George Garrett   -   in News   -   Comments Off on Do All New Brooms Sweep Clean?

These days we tend to hear the first part of that familiar idiom in the context of a new appointment to a job, the general idea being that fresh employees try harder, because they hope to impress the boss. The second part of the idiom is that an old broom knows the corners. We think this presents the perfect opportunity for us to make a marketing call.


George Garrett created Get Cleaned because he knew Perth businesses appreciate a reliable, flexible and personal service. He should know. He has been in the commercial and office cleaning game for over twenty years, and he recognizes the differences a five star cleaning service makes.


While he may not be a brand new broom himself, he sure has the campaign medals to prove his competence. His answer to new entrants to the cleaning business is “the newest yard broom is useless on an office carpet, and a vacuum cleaner impractical in a timber yard. You have to know the job”.


George is also smart enough to take up the add-on business. Every Perth Company needs a handy-person from time to time, or an electrician to change a light bulb high up in the ceiling. Simple call-outs like these can take a week to close out. As for a split-level air conditioner re-gas job – well we’ve all been down that road for sure.


The Get Cleaned solution for each of these dilemmas is simple. While each job we mentioned is almost nuisance value on its own for some, the total needs of George’s loyal clients add up to a tidy sum. He has the networks and the boys and girls on tap. When George Garret phones with something urgent, they pay attention.


That said, office and commercial cleaning remain our focus points. We see our role as enhancing your visual reputation and helping you impress your clients. Our employees know that if a job is not perfect – as judged by you, it must be that way – then they will return and repeat it in their own time. This seldom happens, because we train, motivate and always have a supervisor present.


To tap into our cleaning and related services in Perth and surrounds, just call land-line (08) 9349 6916 Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, or mobile 0403306635 any time. You are also welcome to post a message if that works better for you. We want you to be happy with our service right from the beginning.


The Get Cleaned Team

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