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February 24, 2014   -   Posted by George Garrett   -   in News   -   Comments Off on John Wayne’s Office Cleaning Connection

John Wayne believed that ‘tomorrow is the most important thing in life. It comes into us at midnight very clean. It is perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands.’ At Get Cleaned, we take that a step further, and say that every workplace should be clean and tidy when the workforce arrives at the beginning of the shift.

Arriving at your bench or desk and finding all as it should be, is as great a motivator as the opposite is a downer. You can get stuck in right away and raise your productivity to new levels. What a pleasure, especially given that Get Cleaned is so affordable.

Cleaning regularly ensures that every nook and cranny is inspected and checked out, which is something that otherwise seldom happens. Get Cleaned staff have been through so many installations that they instinctively know what to look out for, and the standards to expect. As an add-on service, we have a phalanx of skilled tradespeople we can call in to sort things out, according to our customers’ wishes.

This has huge impact on health and safety. As our force of expert cleaners scours your premises for every speck of dust, they are alert for tripping hazards, unsafe electrical equipment and anything that does not look right mechanically. We are certainly not offering to replace your safety management system. However, you can trust Get Cleaned to be your safety buddy.

Moreover, a clean and tidy office is a great turn-on for customers. First impressions count, and we tend to colour what follows with them. Nobody likes to buy food in a dirty store or entrust their vehicle to a filthy workshop. We are confident you do not either. You can bet more than a few dollars that your clients feel the same way.

So there you have the Get Cleaned service neatly packaged up. We deliver clean work places, motivated workers, and happy customers. You would pay a fortune to a human resources consultant for the latter two. With Get Cleaned, they are happy by-products of what we do, and are with our compliments.

Tapping into our easy-going service is ridiculously easy. Simply call mobile 0403306635 or send a message any time you like. We will do it for a price that will make your accountant distinctly merry. Just another benefit of calling in Get Cleaned.

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