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April 6, 2014   -   Posted by George Garrett   -   in News   -   Comments Off on The Humble Broom

We previously mentioned that ‘new brooms sweep clean but old ones know the corners’. These humble devices were high tech the day a bright spark tied some rushes around a branch. The idea took off like wildfire, with Isaiah having a god threatening ‘to sweep with the besom of destruction’, and a parable suggesting a women will ‘sweep the house’ after she lost a silver coin. And then came the witches riding on brooms.

In Anglo-Saxon England there were broom makers called ‘besom squires’. A contemporary song went along the lines of ‘I am a besom maker, come listen to my tale, I am a besom maker, I live in yonder vale; Sweet pleasure I enjoy, both morning, night and noon,  going over the hills so high a-gathering of green broom’.

It was not long before a form of tufted broomcorn appeared that resembled sorghum. However it was the New England religious group the shakers who hit on the idea of tying corn with wire and flattening it with a vice. Since then, nobody has really managed to improve on the basic concept.

While Get Cleaned quality cleaning services still use brooms to get into tight outside corners, we have moved with the times and only use the finest cleaning equipment and environmentally safe chemicals we can find. This enables us to go in and do the job in the briefest possible time, given the need to comply with highest health and safety principles.

This saves you money on your budget and keeps your productivity ratios high. Get Cleaned is here to add value everywhere we go, and we guarantee you will not receive a better service anywhere in Perth. Our lines include cleaning and tidying private and business premises such as retail outlets, offices, treatment rooms and workshops. As an add-on service, we also facilitate electrical, hvac and communication network repairs through our associates.

Choose us with confidence because we have over twenty years’ experience and are an equal opportunity employer to ensure we hire the very best of the finest talent. Every clean we do is unconditionally guaranteed. We have fifty million dollars public liability insurance and worker compensation cover to back our promises with facts. You will not get cleaned out with Get Cleaned either. All our personnel are police cleared, and supervised personally by a business owner.

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