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April 6, 2014   -   Posted by George Garrett   -   in News   -   Comments Off on Focus on Food Preparation Areas

At Get Cleaned, we believe an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of pain. Put more succinctly, we recommend we visit your premises regularly to keep them nice and tidy. The Australian bush poet Janine Haig’s collection titled ‘Always Wear Clean Knickers – And Other Helpful Hints’ sums this up nicely. It ends with the words, “I’m older now, more sensible, my wilder days are gone; my house is neat and tidy and I keep clean knickers on”.

Get Cleaned provides cleaning services throughout Perth and its environs. These include industrial and commercial cleaning, business cleaning, office cleaning, and food cleaning services. Our discriminating factor is that the supervisor has an interest, and wants to please.

Today we focus on what we do for clients in the food manufacturing and processing industries. The government knows how critical hygiene is for citizens’ health and how quickly epidemics spread. We both know that food scraps can collect in the most unlikely places where they fester. How sure are you that your people have every base covered at the end of every busy day?

The solution is what we call a deep clean. This means we turn things upside down, open up all the access points, and hydroblast every spot until everything shines like new. You could also do the job yourself, but at what cost in terms of lost production and capital equipment outlay? Areas we clean to perfection include

  • Meat, poultry, pork, vegetable, fish, fruit and prepared meal zones
  •  General and bread bakeries, dairies, and biscuit and snack factories

We offer a range of options to suit your operation, including the periodic deep clean we mentioned, mid-shift clean-ups and hygiene inspections. Why use expensive, specialist staff to wipe down surfaces, when Get Cleaned can come in after hours and do the job. You will be amazed at the motivational spinoffs you get.

We emphasize that this is not all we do. We clean large kitchen and food preparation areas, community facilities and business premises to the highest hygiene standards, and generally tidy up so everything is spic and span.

To tap into this opportunity please call (08) 9349 6916 Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, or mobile 0403306635 any time. You are also welcome to post a message. We are on the side of your commercial hygiene, and are delighted to assist.

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