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Refit-out Cleans - ready for you to move in

Refit-out Cleans

If your new or refitted premises are due for completion, Get Cleaned can assist with cleaning so it’s ready for you to move in. Dust, building rubble, stickers and paint splashes can take time to remove but the highly trained and experienced Get Cleaned staff can have your premises cleaned quickly and cost effectively. getcleaned


If you are vacating an office or commercial premise, you may require the services of a vacate clean to complete a long list of tasks to ensure your bond is returned.


After a meeting onsite, Get Cleaned can provide you with a no obligation quote so you know exactly how much your clean will cost. Once a quote is accepted, an experienced Get Cleaned team including a senior team member are ready to complete your job.


Our high attention to details means we guarantee every one-off or regular cleaning job we undertake. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, simply call us and we’ll return immediately to re-clean at no additional cost.


For more information or to request a meeting or quote, contact us on 0403 306 635 or via email.

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