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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services - Expert Cleaners

Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial and industrial cleaning service operates at various locations. We deal with chemical odours, decomposing material, industrial spills as well as a variety of specialized needs.

Our cleaning services differ according to the location. A commercial cleaner is needed for workplaces such as offices, kitchens, showrooms and work-shops. Our commercial and industrial cleaning services cleanse transport depots and airports; we are also employed by property maintenance agents to clean apartments, office blocks and houses. Schools utilize our services for their classrooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

Our expert commercial and industrial cleaners use industrial grade cleaning agents, cutting edge machinery and we are meticulous about the finer details of each job. We are a well aware of current health and safety legislative standards regarding various industries such as education, childcare centres and food processing plants.


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