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Why should you choose Get Cleaned - Who are we

Why Choose us for your industrial and commercial cleaning needs!


Get Cleaned was established by George Garrett who is Australia born and breed.  George found that customers were looking for office cleaning services from professional cleaners who were highly accredited, competitively priced, reliable company with an excellent track record, so he created Get Cleaned to meet these needs.
Get Cleaned offer customers a flexible, reliable and personal service, and because of its streamline structure it can offer competitively priced commercial cleaning.

We are working for COLES & WOOLWORTH certified companies.

George has over 20 years commercial cleaning and office cleaning experience and has build up an unquestionable reputation for a high quality 5 star cleaning service office cleaning services.

So in a city like Perth, where new cleaning companies come and go; Get cleaned have stood the test of time and our reputation for consistent excellency attracts contracts from prestigious clients such as:

Just to name a few!

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