Welcome to GetCleaned - Specialises in Commercial Food Cleaning Services.

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Food Cleaning

Our Specialty is industrial grade Food Cleaning Services with over 30 years’ experience in the provision of cleaning services to the food manufacturing sector.

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Office Cleaning

We specialise in Professional Office Cleaning Services in Perth and have teams of highly-experienced, reliable and well trained staff who can maintain your professional atmosphere day after day.

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Commercial Cleaning

Sites include Large Shopping centres, Regional shopping centres, Retail stores, Retail Strip centres, Smaller Boutique Centres, and Speciality Stores,Sites serviced range from government and semi-government to private companies and property managed sites, small suburban sites to large CBD landmark sites.

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Industrial Cleaning

With experience that includes work with manufacturing industries, our team of cleaning specialists can be mobilised quickly to work at times convenient to you. Our services and solutions are underpinned by strict health, safety and environmental practices, meeting the most stringent compliance requirements for security, safety and hygiene.

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Floor Cleaning

We have the best equipment available and the experience and expertise to maintain and clean your hard flooring, reducing the need for expensive re-flooring. If done regularly it will substantially increase the lifespan of your floors and substantially improve its appearance.

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Maintenance Service

Get Cleaned also has a range of qualified and reliable maintenance professionals, so if you have a picture that needs hanging, a problem with one of the toilets, just let us know and we can arrange for someone to see to it for you

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